Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bits and Bobs

Okay so the last post in a whistle-top tour of the game.  After this the blog will focus more on Qweeg's adventures; and new features as they come along.  In terms of wrapping up this overview there are a few features that need to be covered:

Team hunting:

Team of up to 10 can be set up to take on tougher challenges (for example the spaceship).  The are various loot distribution methods for this - equal share, damaged based etc. so it should be possible to find something that everyone is happy with.


Each of the settlements have storage facilities where you can dump stuff you don't want to room to carry about.  Currently there is no avatar weight restriction, but again I imagine this will arrive in time, making storage much more important.

Storage is unique by location, so items stored in the storage facilities at Zion can only be retrieved from there - not from storage facilities elsewhere.  This is the same model as AW, but differs from Entropia.


All settlements have recycling facilities.  Items cannot be repaired, and over time wear out and break.  Broken items (or items near to breaking) can be processed through the recycling terminal to produce raw materials that can be used in crafting.

Globals and HOF:

Any loot with a value of over 50 PID is flagged as a Global, and if your loot is one of the top 25 of the day it is classed goes onto the daily Hall of Fame (HOF) board.  There are also all time HOF boards.  Lists are stored for all the areas that globals can occur in:

  • Hunting
  • Mining
  • Recycling

Behind you!

And on finding a global or HOF, as well as the loot, you are rewarded with a fanfare and nice screen animation:

Is that an Adjusted Prototype X, I spy in the loot?

And that's it - next up:  The continuing adventures of Qweeg.

On a personal note - I am astounded at how much has been achieved by effectively a 2 man development team.

Next year promises to be an extremely exciting one for the inhabitants of Project Ion!

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