Thursday, 7 November 2013

Location, Location, Location

Here is the current extent of the PI world.  Overall I believe it represents a 64Km2 area (it certainly feels like that if you try and walk from end to end!)

As shown in addition to the general landscape, the land consists of 3 settlements, an Oil Rig, Spaceships, and a PVP area.

In fairness the term settlement is a little grandiose at the moment.  They are areas with crafting machines the odd NPC and a teleporter.  This means fast travel is possible between each of the 3 locations, which makes getting around a lot easier.  

Should you die out in the wilderness you will revive at the nearest settlement.

You can also choose to revive (perhaps you have run out of ammunition and need to restock).  Effectively this is the same as dying.

The 3 settlements are:

  • Zion:     This is the place where new players spawn.  It contains storage, recycling facilities, crafting services, and a teleporter.  The area around here is mostly populated with robots of various types.
  • Babylon:  This settlement has all the same facilities as Zion but additionally has a Pawn Shop.  Here items can be bought or sold and will be a vital place for restocking during your days in PI.  Baby Spiders to the South East; Big Scary Spiders to the South West.
  • Travelers point:  Similar to the others, but has a different NPC - Mr Fixit.  Nothing can be sold to him, but he does sell basic equipment, and not always the same prices as the Pawn Shop.  Overseers, and a couple of smaller mobs to the West.

The Oil Rig:  Those of you with an Entropia background will know what this is.  Basically its an area that spawns barrels of Oil and Uranium, which can be collected simply by running over them.  

The area is PVP so you could be killed by other players here.  Also the rig is surrounded by Mech Elite robots (the toughest mob I have found so far) - so it's not for the faint-hearted.


There is an area in the North East where a crashed and several hovering spaceships can be found.  One of the ships can be boarded and searched for treasures - but the area is again surrounded by really tough robots.  Qweeg has yet to make it to the ship - so more info will follow in a future post.

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