Wednesday, 6 November 2013

So what's it all about?

In essence Project Ion consists of three elements: hunting, mining and crafting.  The game takes place on a persistent world filled with creatures (mobs) to hunt and resources to mine for.  Killing a mob allows you to loot its corpse for valuable (sometimes) materials and items.  

The resources you mine and the materials you loot can then be used to craft into usable items, either for yourself or to sell on.

A wood stack - not sure what the knife is for though?
There is also a pvp element, restricted to certain areas of the world only, where you can hunt your fellow players.

Okay so far so good - and those of you that have played either Entropia or Afterworld (in particular I think the old version of Entropia), will find this all very familiar.  In fact at first glance this game is almost identical to PE (Project Entropia); however there are some differences that I will cover as I go through the game mechanics in more detail in future posts.
Hemp plants have many uses, including making Ganga!

In terms of getting started in the world as a newbie with no money and no equipment, there are two types of free resource that can be found dotted around the world: Hemp plant and Wood.  Both of these are collecting simply by walking over them.

These can then be sold either to other players or at the Pawn Shop in Babylon (more on that later).  The money gained can then be used to buy items such as guns, ammo, and healing kits; and or mining equipment.

The in world currency is Project Ion Dollars (PIDs), which can be used either in player to player trade or with some of the NPC characters in the game.

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