Friday, 1 November 2013

Ground Rules

Okay so Project Ion is in an early stage of development (although a lot of the basics are there in some form) and as yet little time/effort has been spent on beautifying the game.  That's not to say it's completely horrible to look at, some areas are already looking quite good.  But other areas not so much.  A very prominent example is your own avatar - it can only be male, has very limited customisation options, and to be honest doesn't look great.

I say this by way of a disclaimer more than anything else - in my mind it is quite correct that functionality and game play comes before look and feel in the development process (and it means my aging laptop doesn't struggle to run the game - which is a plus).  It does mean however that some of the screenshots I include in this blog are maybe not the best advert for the game.  But they are necessary - and it will be interesting to show comparisons as things progress.

But it is important not to judge the game on the current state of the graphics - which will get better over time.  The gameplay is far more important at the moment and as future post will show, there is already a lot to be excited about!

So with that in mind - meet Qweeg, DOB 28th October 2013

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