Thursday, 7 November 2013

Crafting 101

And so to the third profession - crafting.  Here things are a little different from other, similar games - but overall the concept is straightforward and has a lot of potential.  

One thing to note is that currently almost every item that can be crafted, can also be looted though, so the need for crafting is lower at the moment.  As more players come on board and the economy gradually becomes self supportive I am guessing more and more items will be craftable only - but time will tell.

In essence crafting is a 3 phase process:

  • Raw materials are processed into refined materials    --> 
  • Refined materials are manufactured into components --> 
  • Components are assembled into usable items.

There are 3 processing areas - one for each of the above:

  • The Alchemy service 
  • The Component service

  • The assembly workbench

Finding out recipes is a challenge - you have to place items into the processing area to see what can be made with it.  Refining raw materials will often yield more than one item - for example refining wood produces both wood planks and wood fibre.  And Refined materials are often used in more than one component.

Other than that the crafting process is straightforward, simply drag the item you wish to use into the particular manufacturing machine window and away you do - no need to click for hours and hours, just select the amount you wish to manufacture and providing you have the resources needed the items will be produced.

There are a few Refined items that can be refined a second time to produce a completely different refined resource - so always try out things in the machines, sometimes you will come across a surprising result.

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